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Centro di Cultura e Storia di Gragnano e Monti Lattari


Alfonso Maria di Nola


via del Presepe 

80054 Gragnano, NA

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Giuseppe Di Massa  (+39)39349842548
Pietro Ingenito  (+39)3358206647

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Useful tips if you are planning a visit to the Valle dei Mulini in Gragnano.

The ruins of 13 Mills are visible from the public road (paved with Vesuvian stones) that from Gragnano town centre leads to the village of Castello.

Some Mills are impossible to spot by the unfamiliar tourist as wild vegetation has covered the archeological site.

Two of these mills are maintained and well visible from the road. These sites are managed by our association and they contain within the buildings technical and demonstrative equipment, The access doors are locked.

The site is always open to the public but the best time to visit it is between 10 am and 1 pm when the sun is high and not obscured by the steep hillsides.

We recommend the hire of a local authorized guide which will explain the history and the application while gaining access to the internal of the mills and showing the simulated water mill system. 

We are a non-profit cultural association and our aim is to provide free service to individuals, families and groups.

As a non-profit association we rely on sponsors and donations to continue the hard work of maintaining and restoring the site. Small voluntary donations are always welcomed and appreciated!

How to reach the Valle dei Mulini of Gragnano.

We recommend starting your visit from Piazza Aubry (Aubry square) and follow the signs for Frazione Castello (village of Castello). The walk is about 2.2kms long slightly uphill along a narrow public road.Vehicles can be used but parking will not be available along the road. Parking in Piazza Aubry is available but it is free ONLY on Sunday (local parking conditions apply).

another useful tip................
For a tracking experience, continue the walk up to Castello di Pino, halfway between sea-level and the village of Agerola.
A small cafe-restaurant is along the track for lunch and a rest stop.
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