A 13th-century industrial ecology district, where millstones

were powered by the most natural of all elements: water, which would go back to the

riverbed after leaving the wheel, without interrupting its natural flow, that is the flow of life on our planet. 

Waterfalls dropping in sequence gave rise to several watermills with the same productive capacity.

It was therefore the natural slope of the territory, the key element on which the entire water system of the Valle dei Mulini rests.

Gravity caused water to flow

“Powers to delineate all this fail me”. In his masterpiece “Italian Journey” Wolfgang Goethe regretted not being able to describe the beauty of the places he visited…
Valley of the mills of  Gragnano
From the Middle Ages till now, a thousand years of history.
To better understand the functioning of the Valle dei Mulini water system, we must keep in mind that everything was possible thanks to a ......
Over the years, the Valley of the Mills has been an inspiring subject for the work of several artists. Nowadays there are brochures downloadable here in PDF format showing the striking beauty of this heavenly spot.

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slope of the territory
The mill was only the casing of a hydraulic machine, built with the technique and materials of the time and its shape was not an aesthetic choice but a technical requirement that determined the dimensions strictly necessary for its operation.
The mills were wonderful machines that in the dark ages of the Middle Ages represented an element of technological innovation with respect to the primitive methods of grinding and were the process of a long period of improvement. The sign that man has never stopped using ingenuity in order to improve his living conditions.
Film footage of the Valley showing the beauties of the place, a way to revisit an enchanting place

The Valley of the Mills in Gragnano is part of the ancient path which ran from Castellammare to Amalfi. Walking along the Vernotico river, travellers could water their pack animals before starting the steep climb all the way to their destination.

The presence of many water sources on an optimal slope would allow for the building of a set of mills with a horizontal water wheel on a vertical axle, driven by the force of water.


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